Accord de confidentialité

  1. Data Collection and Use: The service collects personal data of users and technical information when using our services, including the website, applications, and others. We may also collect technical information using internet counters such as Yandex.Metrica, Google Ads, Cloudflare, and others. The data is collected for the proper execution of our agreement.
  2. Data Collection from Other Websites: The service may also collect and process user data from accounts on other websites (e.g., Vkontakte, Steam, Google, and others) to which the user provides access.
  3. Purposes of Data Processing: We process your data for the following purposes:
    • To fulfill our obligations to you regarding registration and service provision.
    • To inform you about promotions, discounts, special offers, and recommendations.
    • To fulfill obligations arising from service contracts and other agreements.
    • To analyze the system for improving its functionality and adapting it to you.
  4. Data Processing: We process your data in the following cases:
    • When you visit, register, log in, and use our services.
    • When processing your orders and requests.
    • When linking your account to other services.
    • For payment processing.
    • For user identification.
  5. Data Retention: Your data is processed for the period necessary to fulfill our obligations.
  6. Data Storage: We store your data for the period of the statute of limitations established by law to protect our rights and legitimate interests.
  7. Data Protection: We take necessary organizational and technical measures to protect your data from unauthorized actions and access.
  8. Responsibility: We are not responsible for users' actions on our website that result in the disclosure of personal data (e.g., posting in articles, chats, and similar).
  9. Your Rights: You have the right to request access to your personal data, make changes, or delete them. You can also withdraw your consent to data processing or exercise other rights provided by applicable law.